Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cupcakes, anyone?!

Asybal wa zahrawat were having a blast upon their cupcakes decoration yesterday. We were amazed and mesmerized when they came out with a really great decor on their cupcakes, even they had just been briefing less than 5 minutes on how to handle and use the decoration apparatus.

This activity was even gave a different perspective for one of the boys there where he claimed that he never imagine that he will be able to decorate his own cupcake which decorating cupcakes is only suitable for girls. He appreciate the opportunity given and hope to use the skill he gained to help her mother out in making cupcakes. He is also added that, he did better decoration compare to the girls :)

We hope that our NAZIM JOHOR members were really enjoying their splendid time yesterday. InsyaAllah, more exciting activities will be coming next month. till we meet again, thanks everyone!
Hazwani Mohd Dah
NAZIM Johor activist


NuR RaiHaN said...

i really enjoyed the moment... and i love them! kanak2 ribena yang comel2... =)

Nazim Johor said...

We enjoyed n love them too :)
Thanks for coming an.
Your existence has somehow enlighten our day!

farhana said...

very nice activity. can develop creativity and fine motor skill of children. good job, honey (^_^)